Career Booster Webinar

How to Network When You Don’t Know Anyone

Career Booster Webinar Series

Networking is a skill everyone can benefit from developing. This installment of Grantham University’s new Career Booster webinar series, “How to Network When You Don’t Know Anyone,” discusses how to develop an effective network of connections, whether you’re entering a new career field, moving to a new location, or even transitioning from the military. The Grantham Career Services team hosts a new career-oriented webinar each month discussing topics such as landing your dream job, growing in your current job, as well as introducing new potential career opportunities.

Archived from: March 16, 2017

Presenter(s): Emma Toops, KC AUSA President, and the Grantham University Career Services team. Moderated by Jeromey Bell, Career Services manager.

Content in this webinar:

  • Why do we need to network?
  • What can be gained from networking?
  • Where are the best places to network?
  • How do we network effectively?

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