Career Booster Webinar

Career Management and Planning - Getting from A to Z

Career Booster Webinar Series

You’ve landed your first job, now what? Career planning doesn’t end with the job offer. It’s important to consider your ultimate professional goals, and what you will need to achieve them. Grantham University’s Career Services Team will guide you through the basics of creating a plan for professional success. Participants will walk away with essential tips and tricks to identify and set career goals, set yourself up for the next level in your career, building networks and relationships, and translating education to career success.

Archived from: May 18, 2017

Presenter(s): Grantham University Career Services team. Moderated by Jeromey Bell, Career Services manager.

Content in this webinar:

  • Identify career goals and the skills/competencies needed to achieve them
  • Understand the work experience necessary to move to the next professional level
  • Build critical relationships to propel career success
  • Connect classroom education to professional development

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