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Anatomy of a Resume

Career Booster Webinar Series

Watch Grantham's webinar on the Anatomy of a Resume

Grantham University kicked off its new Career Booster webinar series with “Anatomy of a Resume.” This webinar discusses the heart and soul of the most vital job-hunting tool, the resume. Each month, the Grantham Career Services team hosts a new career-oriented webinar discussing topics such as how to land your dream job, grow in your current job, find new potential career opportunities and more.

Archived from: January 26, 2017

Presenter: Jeromey Bell, Grantham University Career Services Manager

Content in this webinar:

  • Review the five types of resumes to determine the best one for your job search
  • Walk through the process of creating a resume
  • Learn how to use the resume to secure an interview
  • Expert resume-writing tips and advice via live Q & A

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